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is succinct in it’s point-and-click design and utilizes an electronic compass to mimic what the birds, and sea turtles use naturally to follow the magnetic waves of our beautiful Earth.  The athlete can swim in a straight in open water with a minimal amount of “zig-zag”, remaining on course, thus improving performance and setting new personal records.

Once turned on, and prior to swimming, the goggles’ green LEDs will blink indicating a bearing must be entered. The swimmer faces the target or waypoint and once centered in the swimmer’s vision, the swimmer registers the heading with a single button press. The goggles’ green LEDs will change from blinking green to solid, indicating a bearing has been entered and stored. The athlete can begin to swim.

As the swimmer faces and swims towards the target, the LED’s in both eyepieces will illuminate green acknowledging that the swimmer is On Course. The swimmer begins the course swimming toward the stored target. The goal of the swimmer is to remain oriented so that both LEDs remain green. If the swimmer should veer of course to the left a small amount, both green LEDs will extinguish and the yellow LED in the left eyepiece will illuminate to notify the swimmer that they must correct their swim in order to get back On Course. If the swimmer deviates even further to the left, the yellow LED will extingiush and the red LED will illuminate notifying the swimmer that major correction is necessary to the right in order to get back On Course. As the swimmer navigates back on course, the red LED will change to yellow, then finally two green LEDs when the heading has been reestablished. The goggles will provide similar feedback if the swimmer deviates to the right; first a yellow LED, then a red LED if too far off course. There are components in the goggles that detect lateral forces from wind or water currents. In most cases, the swimmer only needs to make minor corrections and move their head slightly; the body will follow the head.

The LEDs remain accurate and stable as the swimmer turns their head to breathe.

Once the first destination is reached, the swimmer will establish a new heading by repeating the steps listed above. Under development is a method for allowing the swimmer to set subsequent bearings using a predefined head motion once they reach the first buoy.

OnCourse Goggles are waterproof and rechargeable using any standard USB Port, cell phone charger or the supplied car adaptor.  To conserve battery power, the integral motion sensor in the goggles will turn off the goggles after three minutes of inactivity. The battery will charge fully in 45 minutes or less using the supplied adaptor.


Performance Gain 1500m Swim

Minutes Shaved Off 1500m Swim


Anxiety Reduction


Cost Compared to Others

  • OnCourse Goggles Performance Boost 15% 15%
  • Swim Skin Performance Boost 5% 5%
  • Wet Suit Performance Boost 8% 8%
  • Aerodynamic Helmet Perfomance Boost 1% 1%
  • Aerodynamic Wheels Performance Boost 4% 4%

Amazing Advantage

At half the cost of a wet suit, and less than one tenth of the cost of aerodynamic bicycle wheels, OnCourse Goggles will help you swim straight in open water and can deliver up to a 15% performance improvement, even for an accomplished swimmer. We analyzed a variety of performance enhancing gear such as swim skins, wet suits, aerodynamic helmets and aerodynamic bicycling wheels. Nothing compared to the time savings that are realized during triathlons by swimming in a straight line in open water with OnCourse Goggles.

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